Martin Steel

And now it’s real

So my Appalachian Trail hike finally feels real, up until now it had just felt like an idea but now with everything on my todo list ticked, it’s actually going to happen.

Last Friday was my last day of work for a good 6 months, tomorrow I hand back the keys to my flat and then bright and early Wednesday morning I’m off to Atlanta. I’ve then given myself a day for last minute panicking - especially if I find my tent and backpack aren’t waiting at the post office as agreed - before heading up the AT Approach Trail up Springer Mountain on Friday.

In preparation of the many posts with pictures of trees and maybe even a bear, I’ve tweaked my site design. The blog is now front and centre and there’s a new hike map menu item where you can see my progress along the trail (or an exciting trip to Stretford if you check it before I’ve cleared the test data).