Martin Steel

Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap

Day 8: Day off in Hiawassee

So, the plan for today was to pick up a few bits in town and then head back to Unicoi gap and continue up the trail. However, as with all good plans, things didn’t work out as expected. Once we’d finally got ourselves sorted with food etc. we followed Cade and Kiba up to the Top of Georgia hostel (they were staying there) so Ali could pick up a warmer sleeping bag. The combination of shuttle, shopping and general procrastinating took that long that we gave up and stayed the night too. A shuttle back in to town for dinner and we were all happy.

Day 9: Unicoi Gap to Sassafras Gap

  • 10.4 miles
  • 25,000 steps
  • 327 floors

The hostel served breakfast of coffee and cake at 7am, so by 9 we were back at Unicoi Gap ready to continue the trail, all a little apprehensive after looking at the elevation profile for the day.

We had a few light showers early afternoon and with storms forecast we set up camp after about 10 miles, luckily the weather held off until about 9pm so we had plenty of time to eat, chat and lounge around by the fire.

Day 10: Dicks Creek Gap

  • 6.3 miles
  • 17,000 steps
  • 158 floors

The day got off to a miserable start, after raining all night it was still drizzling and pretty misty. Nobody felt like hanging around for breakfast so after a quick snack we headed off, leaving Whoobie asleep in his tent.

A very misty Easter Sunday

Four or so hours later we got to Dicks Creek Gap, Cade and Kiba both needed to collect parcels from Top of Georgia hostel do we made a quick detour down there. Once sat down out of the rain a comfy bed and shower were just too tempting so back in to town we went for another night at the Holiday Inn Express.

Milage so far: 69.6